Lindell Rattle Reels

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    Lindell Auto Jigger

    Lindell Auto Jigger.  Will work in conjunction with the Lindell Ice Rig rattle reel and also the Lewandoski and Fish Hole Buddy brand rattle reels.  Requires hard wiring to 12 volt deep cycle system. Cigarette plug adapter with 16 inch wire and fittings included when buying as With 12 Volt Adapter.  12 volt outlet available on 12 Volt Accessories link.  (Lindell Ice Rig rattle reel sold separately.)
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    Lindell Ice Rig Rattle Reel

    Glass bead filled rattle reel on smooth chrome arm. Glows in the dark so you know where bite is at night. On heavy duty removable bracket so you can move rigs around house or store them out of the way.. Price break at 4 and 6 quantities.
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    Lindell Rod Holder

    Balance Rod by placing D-Ring with Velcro on balance point. Swings out of the way when not in use. Plastic Ring on Rod prevents Rod loss from hard strike. Ice Rod & Reel not included.  Price break at 4 and 6 quantities.