Lindell Auto Jigger

Lindell Auto Jigger


Lindell Auto Jigger.  Will work in conjunction with the Lindell Ice Rig rattle reel and also the Lewandoski and Fish Hole Buddy brand rattle reels.  Requires hard wiring to 12 volt deep cycle system or separate vexilar size battery. Can also be plugged into a 12-volt outlet when used with 12-volt adapter.  Cigarette plug adapter with 16 inch wire and fittings included when buying as With 12 Volt Adapter.  12 volt outlet available on 12 Volt Accessories link.  (Lindell Ice Rig rattle reel sold separately.)

Lindell Auto Jigger Instructions



Jigs the line for you. The “New and Improved” Lindell Auto Jigger now has 2 LED lights. Green indicates power is on, Amber lights on jigging cycles.  Now with a ring magnet, so no more magnets falling off of beads!


Easy trip release

Jigging frequency from 1 to 60 seconds!

Small picture shows Jigger wired with cigarette plug (included or sold as an option ) into 12 volt outlet.  12-volt power outlet and cigarette plug adapter available on 12 Volt Accessories link.

(Requires mounting on Lindell Ice Rig. Auto Jigger sold separately from Lindell Ice Rig.  Also works with Lewandowski and Fish Hole Buddy Brand rattle reels.)

Watch my video instruction on wiring a 12 volt outlet from your hole light.

Customer testimonial…

We were shooting a fishing show on Red Lake last year and I actually had to turn the Lindell Auto Jigger off so I could help with cooking. It was working so well that one of our fishing buddies was even jigging in time with the Auto Jigger. It was hilarious… I was going to take a nap and had to shut it off then also. Just as I was falling asleep I would catch another 17 1/8″ walleye. I hate to complain but fishing is hard work and I just needed a break.

Lindell Auto Jigger Instructions

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 5 in


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