There are 5 switches on the powerbox.  The blue main switch is next to the volt-meter.  The other switches are lined up in the order of the powerbox functions.  The orange switch operates [...]

Clancy’s Jig-O-Matic Instructions & Warranty

Clancy’s Jig-O-Matic When removing the screws, remove over a pan or towel so as not to lose small screws. After installing batteries, DO NOT FORCE ARM into position; forcing arm may damage motor. Allow arm [...]

The Lindell Ice Rig is the Ultimate Rattle Reel

Believe me, Clancy has tried them all and the Lindell Ice Rig is the ultimate rattle reel for the following reasons.  Please visit the Lindell Rattle Reels link to purchase.  There are quantity discounts at [...]


Recently Clancy's Outdoors has begun using Spee-Dee Delivery for shipping to Minnesota, South Dakota, most of North Dakota, most of Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and the St. Louis, MO areas.  For all other US areas we [...]

NuWay Wood Burning Stove Video

Please check out our NuWay Wood Stoves on the Fish House / Deer Stand Stoves link or the NuWay Wood Burning Stoves link.  


Browse our links for your FISH HOUSE SUPPLY needs.  We have everything you need for outfitting your fish house.  Whether you are building that new house or if you are adding items, retrofitting or remodeling [...]

Local Pickup

Local Pickup is available at our new location at 108 W Broadway, Monticello  55362.  Hours are M-F 10-1 or by appointment.  Other hours, Call Clancy at 763-291-8888 for appointment time and directions.