Roof Kit Includes (3) 24″ Stove Pipe Lengths, (1) Roof Flashing, (1) Damper, (1) Storm Collar, and (1) Rain Cap. (Instructions included)

Wall Kit Includes (3) 24″ Stove Pipe Lengths, (2) 90° Flexible elbows,(1) Damper, (1) 12″ Through-wall Class B length, (1) outside wall bracket, (1) wall plate and (1) Rain Cap. (Instructions included)

When mounting a stove closer than 9 inches from a wall, you must use a non-combustible material, such as tin or cement board on the wall next to the stove to prevent combustion of wall materials.  When venting through the wall, it is recommended that you vent vertically a minimum of 4 ft before exiting.  When sleeping in any fish house it is always recommended that you crack a window and use a CO detector, regardless of how you vent your stove.  Roof flashing must be sealed with tar.

Specify Regular or Bird-Proof Rain Cap


Regular^              Bird-Proof^