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Auger Slush Bucket Catch Cover – CC03M

Auger Slush Bucket Catch Cover – CC03M

$84.99 $70.00

Catch Cover Slush Bucket

Fits Catch Cover or Fish Hole Buddy Round or Square hole covers

Catches slush when augering, keeps floor dry


Redesigned! Like the Original Catch Cover Slush Bucket, the new Slush Bucket makes the chore of cleaning ice holes 4X faster! After you remove the ice hole cover, set the slush bucket in the ring of the hole cover and auger your hole – most of the ice shavings fall into the Slush Bucket! Dump the Slush Bucket outside. The floor stays dry and you are ready to fish. The new Slush Bucket is rotational molded from thicker high-density polyethylene, has a rolled edge to make it easier to grab with gloves on, and is even tougher than the original.

Take the chore out of cleaning ice holes!  Works with Catch Cover and Fish Hole Buddy round and square hole covers.

Made in America!!  Guaranteed not to break!!

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 16 in


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