There are 5 switches on the powerbox.  The blue main switch is next to the volt-meter.  The other switches are lined up in the order of the powerbox functions.  The orange switch operates the LED lights, the blue switch operates the USB port, the green switch operates the 12-volt port and the red switch operates the red and black (+ -) banana jacks.


All the functions are fused, and the fuse box has a red light by each fuse to indicate that the fuse link is broken.  The ports are currently fused according to the amount of amperage indicated.  If you are going to be drawing more amperage on any function, especially the 12-volt port or the banana jacks, you may want to go to a larger fuse.


A battery charger is included for charging the battery.  There are 2 recommended methods for charging the battery.  You may open the box and disconnect the battery.  Then you will be able to hook the battery charger directly to the battery for charging.  An alternative method for charging is to twist up the red and black (+ -) banana jacks and hook up the alligator clips from the charger to the battery jacks.  To enter a charge, you will first need to turn on the PowerBox main switch and the red switch which connects power to the banana jacks.  It is recommended to charge the battery after each use.

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