Clancy’s Jig-O-Matic

  • When removing the screws, remove over a pan or towel so as not to lose small screws.
  • After installing batteries, DO NOT FORCE ARM into position; forcing arm may damage motor. Allow arm to assume natural position before removing arm to adjust position. Remove arm  and reposition to store arm in downward position when not in use to prevent breakage of arm.
  • Insert monofilament line into slit in tube with bobber stop knot to enable jigging action.
  • Turn off Jig-O-Matic when not in use.

Motor warranteed for 2 years from date of purchase.  Warranty includes repair of Jig-O-Matic only.  Any alterations of Jig-O-Matic void warranty.  Include copy of receipt plus $9.95 return shipping with Jig-O-Matic when returned for warranty repair.  Not warranteed against physical damage or breakage.

Be sure to watch the instructional video here:

Suggested position for wall mounting