4-Part Video Series About Adding LED Dome Lights, Hole Lights and 12 Volt Outlets

Because I added 2 fishing holes to the rear of my Ice Castle Fish House, I wanted to add hole lights and 12 volt outlets by these holes. I also wanted to add an LED dome light above the fishing area and at the back of my table area. After that, I added an outlet to each other hole light. Next I added 2 dome lights to areas that didn’t have a lot of light and replaced all of the incandescent lights with LED dome lights to further brighten up the house. After replacing my table, it became hard to turn the rear dome light on and off, so I added a switch to this light. These videos will give you a play-by-play of how I accomplished these goals. To find the 12 volt parts needed for these projects, click here: 12 Volt Accessories.