Of course, the best way to vent your stove is straight up and out through the roof and we sell the complete 3 inch stove pipe venting kits on our Fish House/Deer Stand Stoves page for $59.99 plus shipping and MN sales tax if you live in Minnesota.  The reason that it is best to go straight up is whenever you make an elbow in the piping, you run the risk of carbon monoxide leakage.  Our vent kit includes 3 – 24 inch sections of 3 inch galvanized vent pipe, 1 cast iron damper, 1 galvanized roof flashing, 1 galvanized storm collar to seal the flashing and 1 galvanized rain cap for the top of the venting.

Because we have had many request for individual stove venting parts for those wanting to vent their stove out the wall, we have added a wall venting kit to that page as well.  However, there are some things to keep in mind about venting through the wall.  First of all, place your damper in the first section of the vent pipe a minimum of 12 inches above the stove.  (That recommendation goes for roof venting also.)  Second of all, there needs to be at least 48 inches of verticle vent pipe before making any kind of elbow to exit the fish house or deer shanty.  And last of all, whichever way you vent your stove, it is recommended that your venting goes at least above the peak of the roof.

The items we have added for individual purchase are:  24 inch sections of 3 inch galvanized vent pipe, 3 inch galvanized elbow, 3 inch black cast iron damper, and a 3 inch galvanized rain cap.  We have also added another optional item for the wood stove which is the galvanized Ash Shovel for the Nu-Way Model m965 and Model m989 Wood Burning Stoves.  This would be used in exchange for the Ash Pan (Ash Pan does not work in Model m989).  Either the Ash Shovel or the Ash Pan are recommended for easy ash removal from the stove.

If you will be sleeping in your fish house or shanty it is recommended that you have a battery operated CO detector installed to warn you if high levels of CO should somehow get into your shelter and a smoke detector in case of fire.  It is also recommended to keep a fire extinguisher in your shanty.  We have the Kidde battery operated CO detector available on our Fish House/Deer Stand Stove Accessories page for $24.99, the Kidde battery operated smoke detector for $10.99 and the Kidde single use fire extinguisher for $24.99.

If you are wanting to make a large accessory order on our page, email [email protected] with your zip code and a list of the items you are wishing to purchase and we will email an invoice with a more accurate shipping quote.  We look forward to serving you with all of your Nu-Way Stove and Nu-Way accessory needs.