Recently Clancy’s Outdoors has begun using Spee-Dee Delivery for shipping to Minnesota, South Dakota, most of North Dakota, most of Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and the St. Louis, MO areas.  For all other US areas we will use either USPS or UPS, whichever is cheaper for the customer.  International orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail International.  The United States Postal Service and the United Parcel Service have recently given us some web-based shipping calculators which more accurately reflect the actual shipping amounts for items ordered on Clancy’s Outdoors.   We appreciate your patronage and all of your referrals to  In the unlikely event that the shipping calculator does not charge enough for the shipping, reserves the right to either bill the customer the additional amount required for the shipping or give the customer the option of cancelling the order.  We will email you of the options before doing either.