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Ice Runner Stalker Portable Spearing Fish House

Ice Runner Stalker Portable Spearing Fish House

$359.99 $319.99

Insulated 600 Denier

50 x 60 inch Floor

36 x 20 inch spearing cutout

Totally Black inside to keep light out


You asked: Ice Runner listened. The Ice Runner Stalker has ALL the features you need in a total black-out spearing and sight-fishing house.

The Ice Runner Stalker portable shelter opens an entirely new dimension. Spearing and sight fishing is unlike ice fishing where you want large windows and skylights – or add a lantern for more light. When spearing and sight-fishing you need a totally black cover over the hole. The walls, ceiling, and floor must be BLACK, both to increase visibility of fish below the ice and to hide the movements of the angler.

The Ice Runner Stalker is the ONLY portable shelter constructed with black, 600 denier insulated double-wall fabric and a full floor to create a 100% “dark house.” The bottom edge has a wide skirt for banking with snow to block out light and seal in heat. The absolute darkness gives spearers and sight fishermen the advantage of seeing more clearly into the water while preventing the fish from being alerted to the angler above.

The Ice Runner Stalker is a unique design – not a sled house and not a hub shelter. Instead, the Stalker uses a new, exterior framework for quick set-up and even quicker take down. The four, long extension poles provide a 72-inch tall spearing house. All the poles are outside the shelter and not in your way when you are spearing or fishing. The poles are attached to the tent fabric so nothing can get lost in the snow or dropped down the hole! The Stalker weighs ONLY 30-pounds and stores in a compact carrying bag – which is INCLUDED.

The Stalker has a 50-inch x 60-inch floor (20.8 square feet) with a 36-inch x 20-inch cut-out for the spearing hole. (See the full line of  ice fishing gear, including ice saw, spearing decoys, spears, chisels and more at Fish Spearing Products link.) Ice Runner knows your spearing house will see rough use, so the floor is made of 1000 denier coated fabric AND it is attached with Velcro to be replaceable if ever damaged.

But Ice Runner also designed the Stalker to be a versatile ice shelter. Included are TWO covered windows so you can get double duty from your shelter for ice fishing. Add some folding chairs and a heater and enjoy the insulated Stalker for a comfortable day of fishing for one or two anglers! Like all Ice Runner shelters, the Stalker windows are replaceable and covered by our Lifetime Warranty. The super-light Stalker is ideal for anyone on the move – spearing, sight-fishing, and traditional ice fishing. Toss the compact Stalker in a sled, or on your ATV or snowmobile and you can go anywhere – fast and light.

Bonus features on the Ice Runner Stalker include reflectors on all four walls for safety after dark, a clear pocket for your fishing ID license (if required in your state), wall vents, and tie down loops for anchoring on slick ice.

Compare features, enclosed and insulated space, and the long list of features and you will agree that the Ice Runner Stalker is the BEST Value in a dark house. The Stalker has everything a serious fisherman needs to have a successful day on the ice. Plus, the price is SO LOW you can afford the Stalker for spearing and as a spare ice fishing house for friends and family.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 13 × 7 in

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