Catch Cover Sleeves – 9 Inch Glow in the Dark – CC04 - Clancy Outdoors

Catch Cover Sleeves – 9 Inch Glow in the Dark – CC04

Catch Cover Sleeves – 9 Inch Glow in the Dark – CC04


Catch Cover Hole Sleeve inserts – 9 Inch Glow in Dark.

Keeps out cold and saves on propane.

Can be used with Round or Square Hole Covers.

Graduated by inches to custom cut to fit.

Accept Catch Cover Safety Grill Cover and Katz Koverz.

Case of 8 qualifies for further discount.


Catch Cover Hole Sleeves keep air drafts out of your fish house – keeping you warmer, your holes ice free, and saving you money by using less propane. They fit perfectly inside Catch Cover rings and are built using roto-mold construction, making them exceptionally durable.  Black sleeves allow you to see down the holes better and are better for day fishing while the white sleeves let more light into the hole and are better for night fishing.

Our new Moon Glow Hole Sleeves illuminate ice holes all night long! They keep drafts out and heat in just like our original hole sleeves, but give you an extra measure of safety at 2a.m. when your rattle reel goes off. Catch Cover Moon Glow Hole Sleeves put off a greenish light that offers great contrast and recharge quickly in daylight or by shining a flashlight on them. 9″ height with 1″ trim lines molded-in.

These fish house hole sleeves fit neatly inside Catch Cover ice house hole covers and sit flush on the floor. 11 1/2″ hole diameter, 13 3/4″ overall diameter.  Black and white available in 9 inch or 18 inch.  Glow in the dark in 9 inch now available!

Lifetime guarantee.  Lowest Price Online!  

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